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 ”Listen, and for organ music thou wilt ever, as of old, hear the Morning Stars sing together.” - Thomas Carlyle “There is nothing to playing the organ. You only have to hit the right notes at the right time and the instrument plays itself.” - Johann Sebastian Bach
 Midhurst Music Society (MMS) 2017 Made with Xara
This took quite a lot of secret planning, as the organ, apparently, is “out of bounds” even to Opera House staff and is in very frequent use for concerts. No promises could be made to Mary beforehand. With the aid of the “Choir and Organ” magazine contact was made with one of the builders of the famous organ, now its curator, Mark Fisher. He agreed to meet us at the Opera House on New Year’s Day. Mark was waiting at the stage door. Mary was rather mystified as we climbed stairs at the back of the hall, then entered the amazing internal workings of the organ, with thousands of delicate moving parts for the tracker mechanisms. At the console, to her great surprise, her organ shoes, reading glasses and favourite music were produced from a camera bag. We had the organ for an hour. Mark adjusted the registration while Mary played a number of pieces, enjoying the magnificent sound of the 120-stop organ. Tourists in the hall below were treated to an unexpected recital!. Over lunch, Mark revealed that he was writing a book about Bevington organs: what a coincidence! The Easebourne organ was originally made by Bevington so we had lots to talk about.
Our Musical Director, Mary Knight, is the organist at St.Mary’s church, Easebourne, having taken over that post after the death of John Broadbent, Mary’s former teacher and founder of the Midhurst Music Society.  MMS has established a bursary, in memory of John, for teaching young people to play the organ and to be involved in church music. During a holiday in the Antipodes Mary was invited to attend an organ recital in Sydney City Hall where Robert Ampt, Sydney City Organist, introduced young players aged between 17 and 7 years who performed on the enormous organ with great skill and confidence. In conversation with Robert after the concert Mary was encouraged to continue with the bursary and to introduce young people to “The King of Instruments”.
Mary at the City Hall Organ console
Mary then had an unexpected opportunity to play the world’s largest tracker (mechanical) action organ in the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall.
Sydney Opera House Concert Hall
Opera House Concert Hall Organ